Haircuts are not universally applicable like clothing. However, after receiving criticism from your coworkers all day, you can’t take off your bad haircut like you can your clothes. The best haircut for your face shape should be known before having your hair cut, for this reason. After all, a few additional inches here or a few stray hairs on your face there can make a big difference.

We have haircuts for all facial shapes, including those with a round face, long or rectangular face, square face, heart-shaped face, diamond-shaped face, or triangular face. You cannot have one of each face, thus no. Unless you’re a villainous Batman.

A haircut that adds some definition to a round face shape is beneficial since it is round with a rounded chin and no noticeable lines or angles. Consider one of these hairstyles to fit your face, whether you have some extra baby fat and are searching for haircuts for chubby faces or your face simply lacks angles.

Long faces, which fall midway between an oval and a square, are also known as rectangular faces or oblong faces. To prevent the face from looking longer than it really is, hairstyles must be subtly altered.

When retaining length on the top of a rectangular face, it’s crucial to avoid taking the sides too short as this would just emphasise the length of the face, according to Nicolaou. Consider a well-balanced style that doesn’t cut the sides too short or leave the top with too much length.

Though considered the genetic lottery for women, an oval face shape is a good canvas for experimentation when it comes to men’s haircuts even though it may not be the most alpha of facial shapes for males. You lucky lad, the choice is all yours because an oval face shape complements nearly any hairstyle effectively due to its symmetry and proportion.

The diamond face shape is one of the more uncommon male face types. It is narrow in the chin and brow and wide in the cheeks. It has some specialised needs as a result to make sure it resembles its namesake.